DB2 LUW DBA Basics Workshop


In this four-day DBA Workshop you will learn all the basic DB2 DBA skills like creating tablespace and tables, how to use import, export, load, reorg, runstats and much more. The focus will be the practical use of DB2 as needed in day to day activities. Every unit has one or more exercises in which the student can practice the theory they just learned. Exercises are based on the effective use of the command line under Linux (Linux skills are not needed) but apply to all platforms. Students need to bring their own Laptop with SSH client (e.g. PUTTY) and be able to configure the SSH client and the Wi-Fi.

This is the perfect course for anybody who need DB2 DBA skills in their day-to-day job like junior DBAs, Developers responsible for the DB2 environment, Devops team members and System Administrators.

Date: 10-13 December – Language: English – Location: Maritim Hotel Cologne

You can visit the beautiful Christmas market and ice-ring next to the hotel!


Early – Registration before  9 November: € 1795
Normal – Registration after 9 November: € 1995

Course Content:

Unit 1: The DB2 environment

  • DB2 fundamentals
  • DB2 Platforms and versions
  • Accessing DB2 – different clients
  • Using the command line processor
  • Other (GUI) tools

Unit 2: Instances, databases and applications

  • Instance and Databases
  • Config(s) and Registry
  • Applications (list and terminate)

Unit 3: Storages Groups and Tablespaces

  • Storage groups and file systems / mounts
  • Tablespaces / Containers / Pages
  • Design considerations
  • Create tablespaces command
  • Tablespace status

Unit 4: Creating database tables, views and indexes

  • DB2 Catalog
  • Columns / Datatypes
  • NULL
  • Primary and Foreign Key Constraint
  • Other Constraints
  • Using Compression
  • Views
  • Indexes / Clustering
  • Object hierarchy / Cascading drops
  • Using DB2Look

Unit 5: Moving data in and out

  • Import / Export
  • Load utility
  • Ingest

Unit 6: Logging

  • What is logged and why
  • Crash recovery
  • Circular logging / Secondary logs / Log sizes
  • Archival logging
  • Switching from Circular to Archival logging
  • Archive process / Forcing log archive

Unit 7: Backup and Recovery

  • What is a backup
  • Online vs Offline backup
  • Types of backup
  • Backup naming / destinations
  • Restore
  • Rollforward
  • Recover command
  • Brief introduction to HADR

Unit 8: Reorganizing data

  • Why data must be reorganized
  • Online vs Offline reorg
  • Monitoring REORG

Unit 9: Locking and concurrency

  • What can be locked and why
  • Timeouts
  • Isolation levels
  • Lock Escalation
  • Deadlocks

Unit 10: Security basics

  • Authentication vs Authorization
  • Privileges
  • Roles

Unit 11: RUNSTATS / Optimizer

  • Optimizing SQL / Package Cache
  • Using Explain

Unit 12: Problem determination

  • DB2PD
  • Using MON_GET Queries

Your Trainer for this workshop – Klaas Brant

Klaas Brant is the founder of KBCE, a company know world wide for DB2 Training like the DB2 Symposium. Klaas has been working with DB2 LUW for almost 20 years now with a focus on DBA, backup & Recovery and Performance. Klaas is one of the IBM DB2 Gold consultants (consultants selected by IBM known for their expertise), A IBM Analytics Champion (recently awarded life time) and a member of the DB2 Customer Advisory Counsel.

Location for the Workshop

Maritim Hotel Köln / Cologne
Heumarkt 20
50667 Köln / Cologne

nH Amersfoort

Maritim Hotel