In-house Training


Does your staff need DB2 training? Would you like to benefit from a cost-effective training, tailored to the needs of your organization? If so, KBCE’s in-house training service can deliver a unique course for your organization. In-house training saves you time and money because our professional trainers come directly to you, ensuring there are no travel or accommodation costs incurred for your members of staff.

KBCE brings DB2 trainings to you and runs them for a fixed fee no matter where you are. In-house training also helps staff to share ideas and knowledge. Because there are only people from your organization present in the training there is a unique opportunity to concentrate on the specific issues affecting your organization and staff. Because you are with your peers you can discuss any problem freely. The standard contracts of KBCE even include a non-disclosure clause for the trainer, so your business remains your business.

Whichever course or training you need to be delivered, KBCE will adapt it to the specific needs of your organization for free, so the training focuses on topics that are relevant to you. Our trainers are all experts in their field, which enables them to deliver a learning experience that combines both knowledge and expertise to add real value to your organization. Because KBCE trainers are experts in delivering in-house training, companies come to KBCE again and again!

Advantages of in-house training


  • Flexibility
    You choose the date and location of the course – we provide the trainer, handouts and materials.
  • Value for money
    In-house courses are charged at a fixed day rate (up to 20 persons), not an individual rate and therefore provide substantial cost benefits. For multiple days or courses a discount can be discussed.
  • Tailor Made
    Like a tailor made suit that fits perfect our DB2 courses are tailored to your organization. Together we decide which topics are included and which topics need extra attention. If necessary, we will include extra time for discussion. This way we together create a unique solution that is nowhere else for sale.
  • Experienced and trusted
    KBCE draws on over 25 years of DB2 experience. Offering a wide scope of DB2 topics. KBCE uses trainers who are experts in DB2 and often have been awarded a level beyond standard certification (e.g. Gold Consultant or IBM Champion).
  • Availability
    If your staff remains on-site you still can access to them and they have access to the organization resources like the protected network. In case of problems the best person available to handle the problem is just seconds away. Often a (lunch) break is enough to handle any problem quickly and efficiently.

Do you want to discuss your training needs with us?
Feel free to send your contact details to and we will contact you asap.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What types of training do you offer?
    KBCE offers training on Linux, open source and DB2 Linux/Unix/Windows. Course that we have run in the past include Version Migration, Database Administration, Tuning, Utilities, Backup and Recovery, SQL, Programming Techniques and many more. See our Education Catalog for more details. However, if you have a specific topic or course in KBCE, please contact us with any queries and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Does the training have hands-on exercises?
    Depending on the topic we have exercises available for you. You decide if, and how many exercises you want to run. If you run the exercises you have to provide the computer resources necessary for these exercises. For DB2 LUW KBCE provides virtual images with the correct DB2 version and files needed for the exercises. For DB2 z/OS KBCE delivers detailed instructions and files in TSO XMIT format.
  • What is the cost of in-house training?
    Pricing is structured according to your organization, and discounts are available for multiple days, multiple courses or a combination of consultancy and training.
  • We only require a half day’s training. What is the cost for that?
    On the whole we do not usually recommend a half day training. Experience has shown that there is a lot to cover which requires a full-day training or more.
  • What if I need to train more staff than the standard 20 persons?
    An extra fee is charged for any person over the standard limit of 20 persons. The fee is always proportional to the price of the course. If classes get really big we advise customers to break the training into multiple days, which often also solves the “availability problem” or multiple locations you might have.
  • Can you provide a venue and refreshments?
    Yes, of course! KBCE is used to run public events sizing from a few persons to much larger events like the DB2 Symposium in the past. For a small fee we handle all the negotiating, booking and admin. Everything will be on one invoice.

Please contact us at for any additional questions you might have.