KBCE is a company specialized in database management, especially Db2 on Linux / Unix / Windows (LUW) and also z/OS (mainframe). We assist customers with the implementation and all operational aspects of their database. Here is an overview of our service offering:

  • DB2 Symposium
  • In house seminars
  • Public Seminars and Workshops
  • Online seminars
  • Present at conferences and user groups
DB2 Services
  • System check / tuning
  • Backup / Recovery review
  • Application performance review / tuning
  • Full upgrade service for fixpacks and new releases
  • Design reviews
  • DBA Advice
DB2 Consultancy
  • Partime DBA / Online DBA
  • Advice (e.g. new applications, performance, backup & recovery and migrations)
  • Strategy review
  • Second opinions
  • Tool selection
Dutch DB2 User Group - DDUG

KBCE organizes the meetings for the Dutch DB2 User Group (DDUG).