DB2 Courses

All courses are available as in-house training (more details here). For more details about a course please mail: info@kbce.com

DB2 for z/OS

Code Name Duration
DBZ11 DB2 Version 11 Migration 1 Day
DBZ12 DB2 Version 12 Migration 1 Day
DBZ20 DBA Basics 4-5 Days
DBX05 Introduction SQL 1-2 Day
DBX08 Advanced SQL 1-2 Days
DBZ21 DBA Advanced Topics 2 Days
DBZ22 DBA Backup & Recovery 1 Day
DBZ23 DBA – Utilities 1-2 Days
DBZ30 DB2 Cobol Programming 2-3 Days
DBZ31 Application Design 1-2 Days
DBZ32 DB2 Application Tuning 1-2 Days
DBZ40 DB2 3GL Stored Procedures 1 Day
DBZ41 DB2 SQL/PL Stored Procedures 1-2 Days
DBZ50 DB2 Java Programming 2-3 Days
DBZ51 DB2 .NET Programming 2-3 Days
DBZ60 DB2 Triggers 1 Day
DBZ61 DB2 and XML 1-2 Days
DBZ70 Data Sharing Performance & Tuning 1 Day
DBZ71 Data Sharing Implementation 1 Day
DBZ72 Data Sharing Recovery Restart 1 Day
DBZ80 DB2 System Programming 1-2 Days
DBZ81 DB2 System Internals & Tuning 1 Day

DB2 for LUW

Code Name Duration
DBL10 DB2 Version 10 migration 1 Day
DBL11 DB2 Version 11 migration 1 Day
DBL01 Introduction DB2 LUW 1 Day
DBL20 DBA Basics (with hands-on) 4 Days
DBl21 DBA Advanced Topics 3 Days
DBl25 BLU tables 1 Day
DBX05 Introduction SQL 1-2 Day
DBX08 Advanced SQL 1-2 days
DBL22 DB2 LUW Tuning 1-2 Days
DBL22 DB2 LUW Security 1 Day
DBL23 DB2 LUW Backup & Recovery 1 Day
DBL24 HADR 1 Day
DBL50 DB2 Java Programming 2-3 Days
DBL60 DB2 .NET Programming 2-3 Days
DBL61 SQL/PL Stored Procs / Triggers / Functions 2-4 Days
DBL62 DB2 and XML 1-2 Days