DB2 Courses

All courses are available as in-house training (more details here). For more details about a course please mail: info@kbce.com

Db2 for Linux / Unix / Windows
Code Course
DBL10 Introduction Linux for DBA
DBL11 DB2 What’s New
DBL20 DBA Basics
DBL21 Installation / upgrading and  problem determination
DBL22 System Tuning
DBL30 SQL Introduction
DBL31 SQL Advanced
DBL32 Application Tuning
DBL40 Exploiting DB2 BLU
DBL41 Exploiting DB2 HADR
DBL42 Exploiting DB2 XML
DBL43 Exploiting SQL/PL
DBL50 Advanced BU & Recovery
DBL51 Advanced Topics
Db2 for /z/OS
Code Course
DBZ10 Introduction z/OS for DBA
DBZ11 DB2 What’s New
DBZ20 DBA Basics
DBZ30 SQL Introduction
DBZ31 SQL Advanced
DBZ32 Application Tuning
DBZ42 Exploiting DB2 XML
DBZ43 Exploiting SQL/PL
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