KBCE is a company based in the Netherlands, Europe.  We specialize in IT technology with a focus on IBM’s DB2 database on the z/OS and Linux/Unix/Windows platforms. Since 1998 we offer consultancy and education worldwide. We have assisted many customers with designing their DBA and recovery procedures and helping them with reviews, tuning and auditing their systems.  On this website you can find the services and training we offer.

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Klaas Brant
Founder & CEO KBCE
IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion


The DB2 Symposium, organized by KBCE, is a training event with one day seminars presented by industry leading consultants. The DB2 Symposium fills the gap between a conference and a multi-day training. The DB2 Symposium is unique because you can join us for 1,2 or 3 days, depending on your needs and budget. All the details of this first class DB2 training event  which can be found at www.db2-symposium.com.