We are very excited about our new DB2 LUW DBA Basics workshop which is almost done. Klaas has been teaching for many, many years the IBM’s CL21 DB2 LUW DBA course. The course has become hard to get (very often cancelled or not scheduled) and the price has gone through the roof (2800 euro or more).

So we started from scratch and developed our own DBA basics workshop with practical information every DBA should know. Four days of solid training with lots of hands-on. Because there is no longer a defacto standard for a GUI (Data Studio and DSM never became as popular as Control Center once was) we decided to do everything from the commandline. Students access DB2 on a VM in the cloud with their own laptop.

The course is intended in the first place for junior DB2 DBAs but is also perfect for application people who look after their own DB2 LUW environment, Devops team members, DBAs on other databases who need to get DB2 LUW skills and last but not least system administrators who look after DB2 LUWenvironments.

And the price? That’s back to normal again… 1995 euro for 4 days with a 10% discount if you register at least 4 weeks before the training starts. Can we guarantee that it runs? Well we need 3 attendees to get going. We will indicate on the course page if it is guaranteed to run. Check it out, it is currently scheduled for:

As always, also available as inhouse. Just contact us, and we will make you a free offer.

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