Db2 LUW Training – The Perfect Server

In this 3-day training you learn how to set-up, secure and tune the perfect Db2 LUW Server. As always we split the topics in such a way that you can attend 1,2 or 3 days. E.g. if you only want to tune applications you can select just that topic. On the first day we spend time on initial install or migrating an existing server to the latest version. You will learn to create a memory plan and how to set-up your networking and CPU’s (including VM). We will see how you can use the mon_get functions to monitor and tune your Db2. We will spend some time on making the server more secure. In the second day backup and recovery have the focus. This includes the popular HADR. On the third day we spend all of our time on monitoring and tuning applications.

The training contains the pros and cons of many features. It provides you with many helpful hints & tips for your day to day operations. Bring your questions and share your experiences! We will discuss them in the class.

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No matter if your new to Db2 or have been using it already for some time, this course is for you! You can always improve your Db2 Server.

This is a three day Db2 LUW course: 27-29 November 2017

Location: Hotel Gentofte – Copenhagen Denmark

Important: This training is guaranteed to run!

Day 1 – Server Setup / Monitoring & Tuning

  • All about releases, fixpacks and modpacks
  • IBM strategy
  • Migrating to Db2 11.1
  • Fresh install Db2
  • Planning your instances and databases
    • Memory
    • IO (Disk / SAN)
    • CPU (including VM)
    • Networking
  • Security
    • Encrypting Network traffic
    • Encrypting Data
  • System Tuning Monitoring using mon_get

Day 2 – Backup & Recovery

  • Logging
    • Crash Recovery
    • Log Configurations / Tuning
    • Log Sequence number / Chains
    • Optmizing Logging
    • Logging & Crash Recovery Problems
  • Backup
    • Backup Problems / Tuning
    • Compression / Encryption
    • Incremental & Delta Backups
    • Recovery History File
  • Restore
    • Basic & Cross platform restore
    • Database Seed
  • Rollforward
  • Partial Recovery
  • Redirected Recovery / Relocating data
  • Recover a Dropped Table
  • Impact of Utilities / DB2 version
  • Disaster Recovery
    • HADR in more detail
    • HADR Problems
    • Handling failover

Day 3 – Application Tuning

  • How DB2 processes your application
  • The optimizer
  • Collecting performance figures
    • mon_get vs snapshot functions
    • Explain
    • Event monitoring
    • Collecting a history
    • Benchmarking
    • Other tools
  • Collecting Statistics
    • What can be collected
    • What needs to be collected!
    • A good runstats strategy
  • Common SQL problems and their solution
    • Sort problems
    • Join problems
    • Index problems
  • Designing the perfect index
    • Index performance options
    • Design Adviser, Friend or Foo?

Trainer for this course – Klaas Brant

Klaas Brant is the founder of KBCE, a company that is known worldwide for the DB2 training both in-house or public training like this course and the DB2 Symposium. Klaas has been busy with DB2 LUW since DB2 version 7. His focus is DBA related and his favorite topics are backup / recovery and performance. Klaas is an IBM DB2 Gold Consultant (a select group of consultants picked by IBM), a IBM Data Champion and a member of the DB2 Customer Advisory Counsel.

Klaas Brant


One day: 845 EUR / 6300 DKK / 8000 SEK
Two days: 1495 EUR / 11200 DKK / 14200 SEK
Three days: 1945 EUR / 14500 DKK / 18500 SEK
Early Bird: register before november 1st you get 10% discount
If you register four or more attendees you receive 15% additional discount.
Above DKK and SEK values are approx. values of the euro amount

You will receive an invoice (in euros), payment can be done by SEPA bank transfer or online by credit card.


Hotel Gentofte
Gentoftegade 29
2820 Gentofte / Copenhagen

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