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Frank Rhodes, BMC Software - Monday 13 May - Session 1

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Can We Say “DevOps” and “Db2 Change Management” in the Same Sentence?

Over the years Devops has become a critical foundation block for AGILE development on distributed systems.  Today it is just as critical on z/OS systems as it is on any distributed platform.  The digital economy drives a high volume of Change in to applications and these changes need to be made faster and far more often than ever before.  So how do we balance these demands with the expectations of z/OS’s historic high availability and reliability standards.  This session will provide an overview of the principles of DevOps.  It will then incorporate those principles while addressing the challenge of integrating application code changes being made via DevOps, with changes to the Schema definitions being referenced by those applications.  The schema and the code are tied together and you need a tool that treat them as a single entity and deploy them with the speed, ease and dependability of an automated DevOps process while preserving the availability of applications running on the mainframe.

Platform: z/OS


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About: Frank Rhodes


Frank Rhodes started with BMC Software in 1995.  In his current role he works to promote cross product coordination between the Database Administration products and the other BMC DB2 products.  The products that he has primary responsibility for are ALTER for DB2, Change Manager for DB2, Catalog Manager for DB2, DASD Manager Plus for DB2, NGT STATS, NGT Utility Manager, Workbench for DB2 as well as BMC AMI DevOps for Db2.

Frank was a Developer on the Change Manager for DB2 product for over 10 years.  His main areas of responsibilities being the development and maintenance for the Analysis Engine as well as the product’s user interface.  Prior to joining the Change Manager Product team, he worked on the TIS Install for the Administrative products.  He was the lead developer in charge of the initial implementation of a common install for all the DB2 products.

Prior to BMC, Frank worked as a Systems Programmer for IBM in support of NASA JSC’s administrative processors.  He supported installation and maintenance of MVS products and oversaw implementing Automated Operation for IBM’s internal systems as well as NASA’s systems.

Frank holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Texas A & M University.