DB2 LUW the perfect Server

Klaas Brant, KBCE b.v. - Thursday 31 May - Session 3

Klaas will teach you how to set-up, secure and tune the perfect Db2 LUW Server. He will cover installing DB2 11.1 or migrating an existing server to DB2 11.1. You will learn to create a memory plan and how to set-up your networking and CPU’s (including VM). We will see how you can use the mon_get functions to monitor and tune your Db2. We will spend some time on making the server more secure. The seminar contains the pros and cons of many features. It provides you with many helpful hints & tips for your day to day operations.


  • All about releases, fixpacks and modpacks
  • IBM strategy
  • Migrating to Db2 11.1
  • Fresh install Db2
  • Planning your instances and databases
    • Memory
    • IO (Disk / SAN)
    • CPU (including VM)
    • Networking
  • Security
    • Encrypting Network traffic
    • Encrypting Data
  • System Tuning Monitoring using mon_get

Platform: LUW


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About: Klaas Brant


Klaas Brant is the founder of KBCE, a company that specializes in DB2. He specializes in administration, tuning and backup / recovery strategies. Klaas has been working with DB2 for more than 30 years on z/OS, and more than 20 years on DB2 LUW. He has published many DB2 articles and has been teaching DB2 since the 1980's. He is the organizer of the DB2 Symposiumsince the start in 1999. Klaas is also the chairman of the Dutch DB2 User Group (DDUG). Klaas is a member of IBM's DB2 Gold Consultants Team and an IBM Data Champion. He can be reached at: kbrant@kbce.com