Writing advanced SQL how, when and why

Kurt Struyff, Lone Star - Thursday 31 May - Session 2

Writing advanced SQL is, if not an art, at least a professional skill.  In this class developers and database administrators will be trained to recognise different ways of coding for the same solution.  They will learn how to code the same result differently and why this can be important.  When do you use a certain query rather than another, what is “the best” way to code something, how do you know the difference ?

Better known constructs like sub queries are compared, analysed and explained, to inspire new, more efficient ways of coding. We will also cover more complex OLAP queries, SQL PL and much more.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, whether you are a junior database administrator or a senior system administrator, you will walk away with new ideas.


  • understanding sub queries
  • exploiting group by and grouping sets
  • using Joins and anti-joins
  • explaining nested table expressions
  • recognizing relational division
  • coding correlated table expressions
  • working with common table expressions
  • understanding recursion
  • building OLAP functionality
  • harnessing the power of SQL PL
  • using temporal table access
  • understanding locking and concurrency
  • using piece-wise delete and update

Platform: z/OS


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About: Kurt Struyff


After spending a part of his teenage years in Texas, Kurt Struyf started his career at a major Belgian bank, where he was part of the system DBA team. Kurt Struyf currently works as a senior consultant for Lone-star consultancy in Belgium. He has over twenty years of experience as a (system) DBA and has been installing, migrating, troubleshooting and tuning Db2 systems throughout Europe.

Besides his consultancy missions Kurt Struyf has been teaching a broad spectrum of Db2 classes, both in Europe and the USA. Kurt has been a speaker at several large European and North America conferences, such as IDUG, IOD and at numerous Db2 regional user groups in Europe.

Kurt Struyf is an IBM Gold consultant, an IBM information Champion since 2010 and as part of the IDUG content committee responsible for Db2 for z/OS content.