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Chris Crone, IBM Corperation - Thursday 31 May - Session 1

Chris Crone, a devloper from the IBM SVL lab, will review in depth the Db2 12 capabilities and how they address today'sindustry challenges. One of the major changes in Db2 12 is the continuous delivery of updates by IBM. Chris will explain what it takes to implement this in a safe way. He will also explain the SQL enhancements in Db2 12, what changed, and how you can best exploit the new enhancements to solve real world problems. He will explain to you how DB2 integrates with the many features of the IBM Z Systems. His focus is on z13 / z14, new I/O, new z/OS releases, and how Db2 exploits thesefeatures to solve real customer problems. He will cover items such as zHyperwrite, zHyperLink, and Huffman Compression. Last but not least Chris will tell you about changed, added and removed zPARMs in Db2 12, and share the results of a review of zPARMs IBM gathered from Db2 customers. You can use this information to determine if you are using mainstream zPARM values or if you are on the bleeding or trailing edge of technology. Chris will share Db2's vision for simplification and invites your feedback on potential zPARM, as well as other changes intended to simplify Db2 management.


  • Db2 12 Overview
  • Db2 12 Continuous Delivery, Including 501 and 502 features
  • Db2 12 SQL and SQL PL Overview
  • Db2 and IBM Z Systems Synergy
  • zPARM review

Platform: z/OS


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About: Chris Crone


Chris is a Distinguished Engineer with the DB2 for z/OS Development team where he has worked for 29 years. He is the team lead for the RDS Execution Engine team and has contributed to many SQL related items, as well as improving the performance and scalability of DB2 for z/OS.  Chris has led many transformational projects in Db2, such as the introduction of ASCII and Unicode capability and the transformation of the SQL Query engine from 31 to 64 Bit addressing.  He works often with customers and vendors on deployments of new applications as well as helping customers migrate successfully to new Db2 releases.  He is currently leading an effort to simplify Db2 management.