Reducing CPU and Maximizing Application/SQL Performance with Tips and Techniques

Susan Lawson, YL&A Inc. - Tuesday 29 May - Session 1

This seminar will cover many alternatives to our normal applications in order to achieve performance. Many techniques to minimize overhead and locking will be explored. We will also take a look at techniques coding efficient SQL and minimizing the amount of data we bring back to process in our applications via optimal predicates, less repetition and better use of indexes.  We will also discuss converting legacy programs to DB2 and how to best code for DB2 performance. All features are current with DB2 11 and 12.


  • High performing applications
    • What makes an application perform well
    • What kills application performance
  • DB2 and SQL call reduction
    • How to reduce calls
    • Efficient use of referential integrity
    • Efficient use of triggers and stored procedures
    • Features to exploit in recent releases
  • SQL filtering and index usage
    • Predicate stages
    • Promoting predicates
    • DB2 predicate promotion
    • Query rewrite
  • Minimizing application contention and overhead
    • Locking reduction
    • Row level locking
    • Deadlocks and timeouts
    • Coding for best concurrency
    • Lock avoidance
    • Bind parameters
  • Advanced features
    • Using new features in 11 and 12 to improve application performance
    • Exploiting new SQL code
    • Using additional Explain tables
    • Utilizing the dynamic SQL cache

Platform: z/OS


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About: Susan Lawson


Susan Lawson is an internationally recognized consultant and lecturer with a background in system and database administration. She currently works with several large clients to help develop, implement and tune some of the worlds’ largest and most complex DB2 databases and applications. She also performs Performance and Availability Audits for many clients to help reduce costs through proper performance tuning and to help ensure availability. Her other activities include authoring articles and white papers, presenting at user group meetings, and teaching a variety of DB2 courses. She is an IBM GOLD Consultant for DB2 and z/Series, and an IBM Information Champion and has authored the IBM ‘DB2 for z/OS V8 DBA Certification Guide’ and the IBM ‘DB2 for z/OS V7 Application Programming Certification Guide’. She is also the co-author of several DB2 books including the IBM ‘DB2 10 for z/OS DBA Certification Guide’, IBM ‘DB2 9 for z/OS DBA Certification Guide’, ‘DB2 High Performance Design and Tuning’ and ‘DB2 Answers’. She is also a SME(Subject Matter Expert) for the IBM Certification exams for DB2 z/OS Database and System Administration assisting with writing and verifying questions for the exams.